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Translation Unit

From 2001, CREP is responsible for the translation from English into Spanish of the WHO Reproductive Health Library. Since 2003, the Cochrane Collaboration Ibero-American office agreed to send CREP the Cochrane Library for its translation into Spanish. In order to fulfil these tasks, a translation English-Spanish model was developed. The philosophy of this model is based on: All the activities related to the translation process from the moment CREP receives the material in English until its distribution in Spanish is co-ordinated by a centre in a professional way. A protocol was developed for each translation project for consistency and replication assuring reliability. All the techniques and steps taken are clearly described and are free to be used for this methodology for other translations or in case of any changes at the coordinating centre.

Reception of the material for translation
Evaluation of the material
Work planning
Term extraction, investigation on the subject and glossary development
Validation of the translation topic by doctors specialized in that field
Tools selection Trados, DejaVú, Catalyst, translation memories
Project manager selection process responsible for the preparation, assignation and work reception.
File preparation (determination of repetitions in case a translation memory is available)
Assignation of files for translation
Creation of a Forum for doubts
Reception of translated files
Assignation of files for the linguistic revision
Reception of the revised files
Assignation of files for the final revision (with changes) in charge of a doctor specialised in the field
Acceptance of the suggested changes, updating the glossary (MultiTerm), final spelling, double space, font revision, final comparison of both documents in English and Spanish.
Graphic design: in case of an internet webpage translation, links, hypertext link and images, etc. are verified
Final Quality controls before delivery of translated material

Translation Projects

The WHO Reproductive Health Library.
Since 2001, CREP is responsible for the edition and translation into Spanish of the English version of the WHO Reproductive Health Library, as well as the RHL web site.

Cochrane Library.
Since 2003, the ibero-american office of the Cochrane Collaboration leaves CREP the translation into Spanish of the Cochrane Library.

During 2003, WHOAIDS has given CREP a large volume of documents to be translated.

WHO Centre for Human Reproduction
Tanslation of documents published by the centre.