About us
This Centre was founded in 1984 by a group of obstetricians from the city of Rosario with the aim of improving maternal-infant health of the population through research, the training of human resources and the planning of activities related to health care. CREP promotes research and teaching activities enabling the design of guidelines for perinatal care, publication of research papers, participation in and organization of scientific meetings on perinatology, organization of pre- and post-graduate teaching programs and fellowships and also the creation of a specialized library as well as a perinatal data base.

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CREP collaborates with Municipal (Public Health Secretary from Rosario Municipality), Provincial (Public Health Ministry from Santa Fe) and National health authorities (National Health and Environment Ministry). In February 1993 the Centre was designated by the Ministry of Health of the Municipality of the city of Rosario as co-ordinator of research activities conducted in all of the city’s hospitals in the field of maternal and child’s health. In April 1994, taking into account CREP’s extensive expertise, the World Health Organization designated it as Collaborative Centre in Mother-Child Health and Population. Learn more

Administrative Structure